Homeless Veteran Adventures

Supplement to the VA sponsored "MyHealtheVet".

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7 January 1991
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5779:05.(<=? 2019 01 19) ~1216PM
I gave the current password to CV-Lucky. She needs a non-connected
LJ for her neuroGymn Project. She asked me to help (with the batch-sort).
I told her I could not interfere for religious reasons. [Lucia-Chicago)
5779:03(apprxly 06) ~0853AM
Exchanged my picture ID for ??? this date.
--- LK
5775:08 or 04 ???? 024 ~03:21PM PST
Somehow Aldous C wrangled an appointment for the GIC/P this afternoon.
Use of this LJ and associated yahoo email may be necessary, for a while.
Adjusting the email link to yahoo this date.
OK, so I am awed a little
They are really good at math and computer science
Ok Ok
--- RS4LandN
CE date => 2015:01.15 End ~03;24PM _ Room 5004 middle computer
5772:04.07 ~14:34hrs
I changed the Title of this LJ to "MyHEalthyVet" this date.(L)
06 June 2011 AD After Sunset
I did the best I could to install the three user pics Archivist_DF showed me.
These will be the first three date user pics, all dated as 6/05/2011.
Charlene C
5771:08.29>~16:31 hrs (estimated)
I changed the title of this journal from "Food Journal" to "Homeless Veteran Advetures"
this date. Dsvrl gave me the password. I did not change it.[gc _ 2011:06.R02 ~16:34hrs]
The 9 9 9 entry at username" myhealthevet " records Meatless.2=>.1 Lower Limits.
I need some teaching as to when deimetres are numeric precusors versus when the
"." is a linga. I am at the YWCA in Ruth`s Rooms.(Archivist_BG ~ 13:41hrs)

04 November 2009AD _ ~ 0711am at 4th starboard computer VAMCSD Cafe`
I am using the myhealthevet cybrel to record Meatless_1 Lower limits at the
entry posotion for 9 9 9 . I did not change the password at this LJ.
[3T(Beth 9Lc11.04 ~~ 0713hrs0}

I LOVE Jesus.
The sentence above was entered by the Live Journal L (seemingly). DF, Tevye
and myself are auditing and K-mapping the Seven Scripts cyber-expanse. We
have zero clues as to the wehereabouts,identity or anything about (the) other
group which we discovered by metaphorically stumbling on to Seven_Scripts at
Live Journal.(AC 2008:11.10 waiting at HCafe for gomc).

AL6008:11.10>~13:24 hrs at Heroes Cafe waiting for gomc
I changed the email for this live journal to the yahoo analogue which is
www.myhealthyvet@Yahoo.com .(AC)

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